Agricultural Loan

tractor, rural, farm


Agricultural Credit in general shall include all loans granted to borrowers,
whether beneficiaries of agrarian reform or not, to finance activities relating
to agriculture and for processing, marketing, storage and distribution of
products resulting from these agricultural activities.


FarmPlan/Project Proposal;

Quotation/Deliver Receipt

Business Permit,

-Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC)

Housing Loan

mortgage, house, contract


This program aims to help qualified borrowers to construct their house through ICCB financing. 


     Proof of Income;

     Bill of Materials

     Building Plan

–  Building Permit/Clearances

Industrial Loan

building, professional, employee


Industrial loans may be granted to an operator of an essential industry or enterprise exclusively for the following purposes:

Expenses for labor in connection with the manufacture of goods which are in demand and readily saleable, or have quick turnover, considered necessities or semi-necessities, essentials or semi-essentials (see definition in preceding sub-section, under commercial credit, of commodities/goods considered necessities or semi-necessities). Purchase of raw materials for the manufacture and processing of goods which are in demand and readily saleable, or have quick turnover, and goods that are considered necessities or semi-necessities.Marketing of the goods manufactured or processed mentioned above.


Business PermitDTI registration

Projected Cash FlowBill of MaterialsITR, 

if applicable