for salary

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Eligible borrowers are permanent employees of Private/Government Agencies within the bank’s area of business operation.


a. Letter of intent to avail salary loan;

b. Memorandum of agreement (MOA);

c. For LGU – SB Resolution to authorize the municipal mayor and treasurer to be their official signatories to the bank;

d. For Private agency – Board of Directors resolution to authorize official signatories;


e. Photocopy of general payroll of all officers and employees of the agency.

Mode/terms of payment

  • Monthly


Certified photocopy of appointment and/or service record for government/private employee and oath of office for elected officials;


Certified photocopy of latest payroll and original copy of payslip;

Duly accomplished loan application;

Photocopy of two (2)  Valid IDs;

2 copies of Photo ID 2×2;

Other required documents, if any.

Downloadable Form

Loan form.pdf