Agricultural loan

Agricultural Credit in general shall include all loans granted to borrowers, whether beneficiaries of agrarian reform or not….

Commercial loan

Commercial loans may be granted to retail or wholesale merchants for the purpose of purchasing commodities for….

industrial loan

Industrial loans may be granted to an operator of an essential industry or enterprise exclusively for the following purposes:

Housing loan

This program aims to help qualified borrowers to construct their house through ICCB financing.

OFW loan

To be granted to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to finance his placement fee and other necessary expenses…..

pension loan GSIS/SSS/pVAO

To provide financial assistance to pensioners for their income generating projects and providential purposes.

Coop loan (Member)

A loan window to cater the needs of Bank’s members to finance their operation. 

Hold out loan

Secured by hold-out deposit(s) either time or savings deposit…

Salary loan

Eligible borrowers are permanent employees of Private/Government Agencies within the..

Special program

This program includes loans financed by a separate fund from agencies like PCFC, ACFC, Congressional Development Fund and others.

Motorcycle loan

Motorcycle Loans – loan which may be granted to individuals to finance the purchase……………..